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Deep Cleaning Tips - Wright-Patt Realty

Some homeowners relish house cleaning. It can be invigorating and a good way to clear your head. Other homeowners prefer to ignore the dust bunnies and pretend the oven is self-cleaning. But every homeowner could use a system to determine what areas need cleaning and how often they need care. Washing dishes or vacuuming seem fairly easy, but there are some cleaning chores that should be done regularly, if not as often. If your home is to stand out among the Beavercreek homes for sale, open your calendar and find a spot for the following chores on your schedule soon. 

  1. Launder your living room. If your throw pillows have removable covers, remove and clean them according to the directions on the label. Remove the couch cushions and vacuum up any dust or crumbs that may have fallen between the cushions. Inspect all upholstery for stains. The University of Missouri Extension office has a guide to stain removal for all washable fabrics. Spot clean rugs and carpets. You may also wish to rent a carpet cleaner.

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Fall Maintenance-Wright-Patt Realty

It isn't only the color of the leaves that changes when fall's chilly fingers spread across the region. If you plan to promote your property as the best of the best among Beavercreek homes for sale this autumn, you'll need to change your maintenance plan to match the season. As the weather cools down and the leaves start to fall, the following are steps that will help your property stand out:

  • Take Summer Photos
    Add summer photos to the listing to show prospective buyers how the landscape looks when grass, flowers, and trees are at their best and brightest.

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Spring Maintenance-Wright-Patt Realty

Spring cleaning rises to an entirely new level when you're preparing to sell your home. You will need to do more than wash the windows, clean the carpets, and sweep out the garage to attract bids from buyers perusing the listings of Beavercreek homes for sale. There's plenty of work to do and there is no time to waste. If you want your home to appeal to buyers, then the following are some things you need to take care of.

Interior Spaces

You'll want to fix any leaky faucets, repair any damaged appliances, and clean the furnace. You should also replace batteries in smoke detectors, inspect/replace fire extinguishers, and repair any damaged or malfunctioning electrical outlets. While some sellers choose to replace old appliances and upgrade dated lighting fixtures before listing, a better option is to leave these on the table as negotiating chips. Doing so allows prospective buyers to choose the appliances and fixtures that match their vision for the home.    

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Fireplace Safety Tips - Wright-Patt Realty

Wright-Patt Realty knows the holiday season is the perfect time to light the fireplace for warmth and a glowing ambiance. This delightful tradition has some risks that can be minimized if you follow a few commonsense practices.

Our REALTORS®  have compiled a list of 8 tips for keeping your home safe while enjoying your fireplace:

  1. Working Fireplace
    If this is a new home for you, be sure to inspect the smoke ducts, the chimney, and the protective linings. Make repairs if necessary before lighting a fire.

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Prepping Your Home for an Ohio Snow Storm

Our REALTORS® love showing off amazing Beavercreek homes for sale any time of year.

However, if you come from a place where winter snow is a novelty – or a myth – then you might find yourself concerned about Ohio snowstorms that visit us from time to time.

Remember: Every year, millions of people weather the storm without any injuries or property damage. That said, it's a good idea to go into the situation prepared and know what to expect. After you get through a snowstorm or two, you'll be an old hand at the process.

To keep your family and your home safe, remember these valuable tips:

1. Start With a Winter Emergency Kit
The most intimidating possibility in winter is finding that you can't get out to get the supplies you need. Roads may become impassable due to snow or for other reasons. With that in mind, get a kit together to meet all of your needs.

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Home Renovation Projects
If the prospect of updating your home feels a little scary, don't worry you're not alone. Some home improvement projects can make even the bravest buyers cringe. However, with a bit of creativity and a few minor upgrades, you can makeover your home relatively quickly and inexpensively. Our REALTORS® understand how frustrating renovation can be, so we've put together a few ideas that can take your home from oh-so-dreary to warm and inviting. 

  1. Lighten Up!
    One of the simplest ways to add flair to your home is to update your lighting. New fixtures can make a world of difference, and they're available in a huge variety of styles and finishes and at prices for nearly any budget. Consider adding light fixtures or lamps in areas of your home that don't get enough natural light, and to highlight art and decor.
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Tips to Sell Your Beavercreek Home 

If you're gearing up to sell your home, you're probably facing that big question: Should you renovate first, or try to sell it as is? On one hand, many Beavercreek homes do sell better if they've had some work done, but not all home improvements necessarily translate to a higher price point.

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Beavercreek Ohio Home spring
After a long winter, spring officially arrives on Tuesday, March 20.  With the bright sun and warm winds comes the realization that winter has been torturing our homes' exteriors.  After a quick perusal, many homeowners find cracked sidewalks, leaf-filled gutters, and dead plants all around. Before you even start planning your gardens, checking these items off your spring maintenance checklist will ensure you have time to go outside and enjoy the outdoors. Our REALTORS® recommend these five tips to get your Beavercreek home ready for spring.  

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Keep Your Beavercreek Home Warm This Winter

Wintertime Home Improvement

Ohio can get pretty chilly this time of year. Icy winds and sub-zero temperatures can easily foil your plans to tour Beavercreek homes for sale. You'd probably rather go home and stay out of the winter weather. That's a great idea. And if your home needs a little work to make it a bit more warm and cozy, there are plenty of projects to keep you busy. Most of them don't require you to go outside.

Our REALTORS® live and work in the Beavercreek area. We love Ohio, but we also appreciate the warmth of home. If you want to keep busy and stay warm, check out our 5 Home Improvement Projects to Warm Up Your Ohio Home.

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