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Date Archives: November 2021

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If you still have some holiday shopping left to finish, stop by these Greene County craft fairs and local businesses.

There are all sorts of reasons to shop locally. It's a convenient drive from the Beavercreek homes for sale and Xenia homes for sale where you're considering buying a new home. It reduces your carbon footprint by cutting down on driving. You're supporting local businesses and investing in your community. Plus, if you shop at local shows and shops, you're likely to find unique items not available elsewhere and possibly at a good price.

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Planning for holiday festivities with friends and family?  Brush up on your hosting skills by avoiding these mistakes.

So many of us are tentatively thinking about hosting holiday parties and get-togethers again. Trouble is, we've been cooped up for a while and forgotten the protocol. Never fear. Our REALTORS® are right on target for holiday etiquette and present these tips to help you get back in the swing.

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Nothing hits the spot in fall like a steamy, delicious soup. Here are Beavercreek spots where you can find the perfect bowl.

It's cooling down in Ohio, so with lower temperatures and all the attendant features of fall — swirling leaves, gusting winds, and chilly precip — it's time for soup. Sure, you can take the time, buy the ingredients, and make your own, but why not get to know your new Beavercreek neighborhood by making the rounds at local restaurants and ordering soup?

Maybe you're getting ready to do some holiday decorating in the home you chose from Beavercreek homes for sale. Instead of tearing yourself away from your chores to cook, get out of the house and sample the local soup offerings, either takeout or dine in.

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Many birds actually stick around all year long. Here's how you can give them a helping hand during the colder months.

One positive outgrowth of our efforts to quash the pandemic by staying at home has been the explosion of beneficial pastimes such as birdwatching and feeding wild birds. Our avian friends have a tough time these days, with pressures on their survival from development and other environmental factors, so it's a great thing to help them along by feeding them, especially in fall and winter. Learn how you can make the new home you acquired from Beavercreek homes for sale command central in your neighborhood for wild bird care and feeding.

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