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Garden and landscaping projects at this time of year may be the last thing on your mind, especially as intermittent storms come and go, but there are things you can start doing now to get your grounds ready for when warmer weather arrives. Beavercreek homes for sale are prime properties for adding the latest landscaping trends, so let's get going right now in your landscape and try out some of these pre-spring 2021 projects.

Get Going on These 2021 Landscaping Projects

  1. Create a raised bed.
    If you didn't plant a vegetable garden last year, get set for spring planting with a raised bed. Choose a manufactured or a homemade frame with dimensions of about 4 feet by 6 feet. The frame sides should be about 6 inches deep. If your yard is clear of snow and ice, you can mark off the area for the raised bed with string or spray paint.  Be sure to choose a sunny location. Double dig to a depth of 2 feet, returning soil to the bed but adding compost. You can create rows for seeds or seedlings later. Cover the bed with mulch and wait for the right planting times.

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Millennial Buyers - Selling a Home - Wright-Patt Realty

If you're thinking about selling your home soon, you'll definitely want to keep the millennial homebuyer in mind. Although this generation wasn't a major player in the real estate market in past years, research shows that there's been an uptick in millennials buying their first homes. 

Our REALTORS® have recently helped many millennials find the perfect Beavercreek homes for sale. What we've noticed is that the features that are important to these homebuyers are different than what other generations were looking for. Before you make any changes or upgrades to your home, take a look at these five desirable features, and three you really should skip. 

  1. A Nice-Sized Yard
    If you're thinking about a home addition that creeps into yard space, you might want to reconsider. Surprisingly enough, the number one feature millennials want in a home is a nice-sized yard. Having enough room to add a garden and plenty of space for future kids to play were some of the reasons cited in research surveys. Millennials in general value the lifestyle that having outdoor space affords them. They also realize that you can always update the interior of a home, but you're stuck with your yard for life.

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National Gardening Day-Wright-Patt Realty

Gardening is an eco-friendly way to combine physical activity with emotional satisfaction. Kick off the season by celebrating National Gardening Day on Sunday, April 14 with a visit to a local nursery or garden center.

Our REALTORS® have assembled a list of the top garden centers in and around Beavercreek. Stop by and get some ideas or just let the plants and products trigger your own imagination! 

  • Berns Garden Center - 3776 Indian Ripple Road, Beavercreek
    Berns Garden Center is literally a homegrown business. Namesakes Al and Cherie Berns founded the company in 1956 when they purchased a house with one acre of land and a greenhouse. While Berns is still family-owned, it expanded in 2011 with the opening of the Beavercreek location. The center carries a full selection of annuals, perennials, and houseplants that would complement any of the great Beavercreek homes for sale. Hours are 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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Fairborn Garden Centers

Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal at These Garden Centers

Whether you're preparing to sell or simply want to love the landscape that you come home to every day, the Spring season is the time to get your garden ready in the Beavercreek area. Understanding which plants thrive in our area is the first step, and knowing where to find the best garden centers in Fairborn, Ohio will help you find what you need to add some outstanding curb appeal to your home this year. Our REALTORS® have the details on what grows well in our area, and where to find the best garden centers.

Our Area Is Part of Planting Zone 6A

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Boost Curb AppealWhen passersby see your home, you want it to make a great first impression. That's the idea behind curb appeal. It's the quality that allows your home to catch the attention of potential home buyers.

Whether you're putting your residence on the market or you simply want to make your home more attractive, our REALTORS® understand curb appeal is critical. Here are five recommendations to give your home's curb appeal a boost. 

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