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Making changes in your home doesn't need to take months of prep and cost a fortune. Here are projects you can start now.

Do you look around your house and think longingly of all the home improvements you would do if only you had the money? Sure, we understand, but the good news is not every home improvement has to involve a large personal loan or the hiring of serious contractors. Some home improvements can be done for very little — with minimal materials and with you or your family members doing the honors, or at the most, hiring a handyman.

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Ready for that big kitchen remodel? Ignore these common myths for a stunning kitchen.

One of these days, you will probably gaze around your kitchen and realize it's time for a change. Maybe you did a redo 10 or 15 years ago in stylish all-white. Clean and sparkling, and very trendy, but now you're starting to wish for something warmer for that house you bought from Beavercreek homes for sale a while back. Nothing wrong with a change, but what should it be?

We think you should ignore some common kitchen design myths so you can home in on what you really want and not go with the trends. So here's some advice from our REALTORS® that should make things easier.

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Burning a candle only goes so far. Here are some natural options for removing bad odors from your home.

No one wants their home to smell bad. Unfortunately, Americans spend a small fortune annually trying to mask odors with fragrances, be it in the bathroom, kitchen, or elsewhere. We burn scented candles; we buy pricey scent dispensers, or we purchase expensive "patented process" odor elimination systems to do the heavier jobs.

But the good news for those shopping Beavercreek homes for sale or for those who already live in Beavercreek is that you can expel household odors naturally. Our REALTORS® can suggest several natural means for deodorizing your home, so let's get started.

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Home improvement projects are functional, but you want to make sure they're worth the investment. Here are the best and worst projects to make back your money.

You're ready to sell your home, so you've been weighing just how much you should put into repairs and upgrades so you can get a good price. Perhaps you're unsure which kinds of upgrades are likely to pay off when you're bargaining with a potential buyer. Here's where knowing something about ROI, or return on investment, can help boost the sale price of Beavercreek homes for sale, including yours.

Read on for some good advice from our REALTORS®.

What Does ROI Mean?

You've likely heard about ROI. You know it's got to do with how much you invest in a renovation and how much you can ask for it when you're selling your home. But does investing in a renovation mean you can recoup the outlay when you're ready to sell? Mmm, not necessarily.

Here's the formula. The contractor charges you between $1500 and $3500 for the installation of insulation in a 2000-sq. ft. attic. This is, by the way, one of the best improvements you can make for selling your home, but we'll get to why in a moment. Anyway, the price will depend on whether you are leaving old insulation in place or yanking it all out before you install the new. It also depends on how accessible your attic is, and other factors. Let's say your cost is $3000. Your real estate agent says you can increase the selling price by $3500, with $500 as your investment gain.

Subtract the cost from gains. Then divide that $500 gain by the original cost. That/s $500 divided by $3500, which equals a 14 percent return on investment. Hey, congratulations. You made money.

Well, maybe. Unfortunately, the money we put into renovations doesn't necessarily come back in full when we sell our home. Here's a bummer of a stat: homeowners generally recoup only 64 percent of their outlay for a renovation. So says Remodeling Magazine.

The fact is, renovation ROIs can be great or not so much. So the key is knowing which ones are best to invest in. In general, lower-cost renovations tend to pay off better. Here's a list of ROI recommendations:

  1. Bigger isn't better. Forget about adding that master bedroom at $250k. It won't pay off; you can expect to recoup only 57.2 percent of the costs.

  2. Lower-cost projects rule, giving better returns. Remodeling Magazine lists four projects costing less than $5000 that are among the top five when a house is sold. The top-returning renovation: attic insulation.

  3. Energy-efficient renovations shore up ROI. And one of the top energy-efficient renovations is new fiberglass attic insulation.

  4. Safety pays off. Another top renovation is safety features, such as a steel entry door, or new garage doors.

  5. Small kitchen projects help sell a home. It doesn't have to be big improvements; even small jobs like replacing cabinet hardware can help you sell. Or, if you want to do a minor kitchen remodel, it could return about 83 percent of its cost.

Here are some additional projects that will help you sell your home.

  1. Landscaping: Can return on average 100 percent of your investment.
  2. Minor bathroom remodel: Could return an average of 102 percent.
  3. Deck/Patio/Porch addition: Can return an average of 90.3 percent. 
  4. Major bathroom remodel: Could return an average of 93.2 percent.
  5. Replace windows: Returns an average of 89.6 percent.

Got questions on ROI you'd like to discuss? Contact Wright-Patt Realty today.


    The best home improvement projects will help save money down the road. Here's where you should start.

    In Ohio, we make the most of summer — entertaining, vacationing, enjoying the warm weather in general, but also doing all those projects that require our attention. Even before you bought your house from Beavercreek homes for sale, you probably were making a list of must-dos, and no doubt you've been working on them ever since. But it's wise to start with those home improvement fixes that can actually save you money. Let's have a look at some of the recommendations from our REALTORS®.

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    These home improvement projects are simple and will make a big impact on your home. Here's what you should finish off this spring.

    Spring is the time of renewal in nature, so why not take on some renewing home improvement projects with the change of season? Maybe you've just moved into the home you chose from Beavercreek homes for sale, or you've been in your home a while, and are thinking about what to do to attract buyers when you list it. Whatever the reason, make the most of our nice spring weather and get going on some easy home improvement projects.

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    Staying on top of all your projects can be a challenge. Here's how you can structure your home improvement tasks effectively.

    Ready for a remodel but don't know where to start? We feel your pain. In fact, our real estate staff works with home shoppers and sellers to improve their properties among Beavercreek homes for sale, and we are often asked for advice on the topic. So read on and let our REALTORS® share some of their suggestions for getting a handle on home improvement projects.

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    Smart technology is easy to use and can save you money in the long run. Here is the tech to install in your home.

    Isn't technology amazing in all the ways it's becoming intertwined with our lives, our households, and our processes? Take, for instance, the dazzling array of monitoring devices that are available. A few years ago, most homeowners could easily count two or three smoke detectors in their homes. Then, we started adding carbon monoxide monitors. Now we're onto water leak monitors, and maybe you're aware of even more monitoring devices that can save you money when you use them correctly.

    Here are a few that you should look into as you move into the home you bought from Beavercreek homes for sale. Or, maybe you're getting ready to list your home. Smart technology can actually boost the price of your home, so our REALTORS® suggest you check it out.

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    Installing new flooring can be one of your biggest design projects. Here's how you can choose the right floor for your home.

    Choosing the right flooring for your home will set the tone for each room. Our REALTORS® understand that when you buy a home, you may want to make a few changes that will make your new home your own. Changing or upgrading the flooring is sometimes the first step a new homeowner will take simply because it is easier to install while the home is still empty. If you want to transform your home you found among Beavercreek homes for sale, the following are the top five flooring trends for 2022.

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    It's a new year, and with it comes new goals and resolutions with your home. Here are some tasks you should definitely tackle this year.

    People make New Year's resolutions about all manner of things, from losing weight to paying off credit cards to learning how to speak Mandarin (if you're not already a Mandarin speaker). There's something about that magical Jan. 1 date that invites us to resolve to do some special things differently as a new year beckons.

    Well, how about home improvement resolutions? You've settled into your dream home from Beavercreek homes for sale, so could anything be more worthy of your time, attention, and hard work? The good news is the resolutions don't have to be expensive to implement. You can even do more than one. Resolve, for instance, to clean out the attic. That may be a big chore. But you might also resolve to do something simple, like changing your furnace filter every month.

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