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Date Archives: February 2020

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Decorating Tips - Sell a Home - Wright-Patt Realty

Pantone is a global authority on color, helping to standardize the use of color in fashion, digital, print, and package design. Each year, Pantone selects a color that represents prevailing design trends and announces its choice as Pantone Color of the Year. The color for the year 2020 is Classic Blue, shade just shy of royal blue. It balances boldness and stability for a shade that is timeless in its power. While being on-trend can be risky for home sellers, our REALTORS®  recommend judicious use of home decor trends. Using Classic Blue in your home can make your house stand out among the Beavercreek homes for sale

  • The Lowdown on Blue
    Social scientists have studied the psychological effect of color on mood and well-being for decades, and blue has consistently been connected with relaxation and calm. Researchers at Cyprus International University have found a connection between the color blue and increased intellectual activity. Blue also has cultural connotations of luxury and status. A touch of Classic Blue can inspire buyers to view your house as an oasis of calm or a personal palace.

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Visiting the Air Force Museum - Fairborn, OH - Wright-Patt Realty

Our fascination with flying dates back to the ancient Greeks, who immortalized this desire in the myth of Icarus and his waxed wings. Dreams became reality in 1903, when the Wright Brothers made their historic flight at Kitty Hawk.

In addition to its commercial applications, aviation is a vital part of our country's defense system in the Air Force branch of the Armed Forces. Get an up-close look at its fascinating history, heritage, and traditions with a visit to the National Museum of the United States Air Force, just minutes from Fairborn homes for sale.

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Home Warranty - Buy a House - Wright-Patt Realty

After closing day on Beavercreek homes for sale, new homeowners have lots of choices to make. Whether to get a home warranty is probably low on the list – but it's one of the first things you'll have to think about.

Our REALTORS® have heard from many satisfied customers that before the month was over, they ended up with half a dozen home warranty offers. Yes, the right one can save you money, but it's vital to make an informed decision.

So, in honor of Home Warranty Day on February 10, we're here to answer all your questions.

What is a Home Warranty, Anyway?

If you've never heard of a home warranty, you're not alone. Although they're easily confused with homeowners insurance, they're not the same thing.

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Florists - Washington Township, OH - Wright-Patt Realty

Valentine's Day is one of the busiest days of the year for florists as customers search for the perfect bouquet to please and impress their sweethearts. Fortunately, the Washington Township, OH area has several area florists that are popular with residents. Whether you're looking for traditional red roses or a more unique presentation, you'll be able to find a florist who meets your needs.

Our REALTORS® recommend checking out the following flower shops if you're looking for Valentine's Day flowers in the Washington Township area:

  • Far Hills Florist, 278 N. Main St., Centerville, OH
    Far Hills Florist, a family-owned business, has a long history in the area since opening in 1964. The shop's designs are influenced by large and wild English garden or small and contained French compact floral styles. For Valentine's Day, browse in Far Hills' "Love and Romance" section of arrangements or use them as inspiration to design your own. If you'd like to truly create your own Valentine's Day arrangement, consider taking one of the florist's floral design classes.

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