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Date Archives: May 2020

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House Features - Sell a Home - Wright-Patt Realty

Current events and topics in the news have always influenced home trends and the desires of buyers. Thus, it's no surprise that COVID-19 is a topic that many clients are discussing with our REALTORS®. For sellers eager to sell their homes, highlighting the following features can help the home stand out and shine in the evolving real estate market. 

  • Home Offices are Back in Style
    The home office never really went away, but there was a period where it was more of a luxury than a need. That has changed significantly over the past few months as an increasing number of employers move employees to work remotely. It is expected that this is just the start of an emerging trend and a permanent shift toward a growing number of remote positions. As such, homes that can boast a quiet, comfortable, dedicated home office are top choices for buyers.

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Summer Home Maintenance - Wright-Patt Realty

With longer days on the horizon and more time at home lately, it's time to get your home in shape and ready for the onslaught of summer heat. Summer is a time for relaxing, which can make it difficult to motivate yourself to complete those projects you've been putting off for months. That's why our REALTORS® have created this list of tasks you can complete in the spring.

  • Prep Your Kitchen and Bathrooms
    As the new season approaches, it's time to give your kitchen and bathroom a fresh start. Keeping an eye on tile surrounds and sinks can help prevent costly water damage and repairs. Clean appliances, unclog your drains and replace any leaky faucets.

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Create a Relaxing Home - Wright-Patt Realty

If there's one thing that COVID-19 has taught us, it's that our home really is our sanctuary. Over the past several weeks, many of us have spent our time cleaning, decluttering, and working on small projects around the house. 

As things start to open up and we return to a "new normal," being able to come back to the safety of our homes at the end of each day will likely become even more important. In fact, several of our REALTORS® have started working on projects to help turn their homes into relaxing havens that they can retreat to after a long day of helping buyers find the best Beavercreek homes for sale.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few of their favorite tips.

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Online Listing Importance - Wright-Patt Realty

Online listings have been a crucial element of the real estate marketing mix for years and have taken on even more importance during this most unusual spring selling season. While COVID-19 precautions have many shoppers under shelter-in-place orders, that certainly hasn't stopped buyers from wanting to shop for homes or sellers from wanting to find the right buyer. As our REALTORS® can tell you first-hand, the sales process has simply moved more online, with online listings and virtual tours taking center stage. For sellers, understanding why online listings are so important is one of the keys to getting your home sold.

  • Most Buyers Start Their Home Search Online
    While they've taken on added importance recently, online listings have long been a huge key to successfully selling a home. Most buyers start their search for a home with extensive online research, learning about communities, scouting neighborhoods, and most importantly searching for online listings. Buyers tend to be very engaged in the process, looking at listings at home or on their phone whenever they get a free moment. An online listing gives a buyer the opportunity to fall in love with a home, whether they live across the street or across the country.

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