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Smart technology is easy to use and can save you money in the long run. Here is the tech to install in your home.

Isn't technology amazing in all the ways it's becoming intertwined with our lives, our households, and our processes? Take, for instance, the dazzling array of monitoring devices that are available. A few years ago, most homeowners could easily count two or three smoke detectors in their homes. Then, we started adding carbon monoxide monitors. Now we're onto water leak monitors, and maybe you're aware of even more monitoring devices that can save you money when you use them correctly.

Here are a few that you should look into as you move into the home you bought from Beavercreek homes for sale. Or, maybe you're getting ready to list your home. Smart technology can actually boost the price of your home, so our REALTORS® suggest you check it out.

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Junk drawers can be frightening, but they don't have to be. Here's how you can keep them organized.

It's a bit of a paradox: You created that junk drawer so you'd have essential things close at hand and wouldn't have to rummage around for them. But now that drawer is such a horror of disorder and confusion that you're at the point of taking it out, dumping contents in the garbage, and starting all over. But wait! There is help, and we promise it won't take all day to sort out that drawer and get it shipshape.

Our REALTORS® are experts at advising you on how to buy or sell a home, but they're also tied into experts on furnishing and organizing homes to get maximum enjoyment from them. Do you need some advice on junk drawers or anything else to do with enjoying that dream home you chose from Beavercreek homes for sale? Let's start by reading these tips.

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Best Pet for Your Home - Wright-Patt Realty

Pets bring unconditional love and joy into any household and are wonderful additions to any family. Choosing the right pet for your home is dependent on several factors: work-life balance, household, and preferred leisure activities. Our REALTORS® can help you decide which pets are best for these Beavercreek homes for sale.

  • The Young Professional
    The Young Professional is in her 20s or 30s. Her work hours are unpredictable; sometimes she comes home at five, and other times she works late. Her free time is active, but also flexible. She goes on runs and hikes and frequents cafes and bars.

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Dining Room Staging - Home Sellers - Wright-Patt Realty

The formal dining room might have been a must-have in the not-so-distant past, but it's rapidly losing its meaning in today's households. Maybe you never (or nearly never) use your dining room because you have a casual dining space in your kitchen or living room, yet you have the bones of a house with space devoted to a formal dining room. Don't be afraid to break with tradition and set that square footage to work for you. Here are our REALTORS® favorite ideas of what to do with your underutilized or empty dining room.

  • Try a Home Office
    Why work at the dining table when you can claim your unused dining room as your office. Whether your work from home, need a place to manage finances, or just need a quiet place for the weekend, this is a great spot to set up a desk and shelving, display the family activities calendar, and create storage for office files and mail. Most dining rooms don't have doors, but if you don't mind the idea, you can create a really nice open office or study.

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Cheese Shops Around Beavercreek - Wright-Patt Realty

Whether you enjoy it on a sandwich, on a beautifully arranged charcuterie board, or on its own, there are few culinary experiences that can top the perfect piece of cheese. But did you know that there's a day dedicated to enjoying all of your favorite cheeses? Cheese Lovers Day takes place every year on January 20, presenting the perfect opportunity to visit some of your favorite cheese shops and delis located around Beavercreek. Ready to celebrate? Our REALTORS® have all the delicious details on where to pick up your supplies for Cheese Lovers Day in the Beavercreek area.

  • Murray's Cheese – 3165 Dayton Xenia Rd., Beavercreek, OH 45434
    With multiple locations near Beavercreek homes for sale and beyond, Murray's Cheese is sure to have what you need to celebrate Cheese Lovers Day this year. Murray's Cheese has long been known for offering one of the best selections of deli items that you'll find anywhere, making this is a great place to shop if you're looking for something special that's not available at every deli.

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Fireplace Tips for First-Time Owners - Wright-Patt Realty

A fireplace can bring comfort and warmth into your home. It can also bring tragedy and devastation if you are not careful with this fabulous feature. Our REALTORS® wish you and your family many memorable gatherings and happy holidays around the hearth which is why we strongly recommend adhering to these six fireplace safety tips.

  1. Professionally Clean & Service the Fireplace
    Chimney fires are a leading cause of home loss. Professional chimney sweeps will remove the creosote that causes chimney fires. This byproduct of combustion sticks to the chimney walls and requires special tools and training to remove effectively. Further, make sure that the fireplace is well-maintained. Promptly repair any damaged flues, doors, or other components that could pose a hazard to the home.

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Winter Weather Hiking - Beavercreek, OH | Wright-Patt Realty

Oh, the weather outside isn't too frightful. In fact, our REALTORS ® love the winter season around Beavercreek. The white snow peacefully blankets our favorite green spaces, inviting us to see a new side to our most traveled trails. Are you looking to get a breath of fresh air in this winter wonderland? Then lace up your boots and enjoy the winter weather on a hike at one of these trails around Beavercreek.

  1. Creekside Reserve — 761 Factory Rd., Beavercreek, OH 45434
    If you've toured any of our Beavercreek homes for sale, then you've probably seen the Little Beaver Creek and Beaver Creek waters flowing downstream. They converge right outside of the aptly named Creekside Reserve. This is known as one of the most beautiful outdoor areas, not only in Beavercreek, but in all of Ohio. The hiking trails will take you through meadows and forests, placing you right alongside the serene Little Beaver Creek.

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Coffee Shops for Espresso - Beavercreek, OH - Wright-Patt Realty

Espresso Day is observed on Monday, November 23, so choose a favorite local coffee shop and get a boost with this rich, powerful coffee drink.
Our REALTORS® suggest trying the following five coffee shops in or near Beavercreek for your next shot of espresso.  

  • Coffee Hub – 3375 Dayton Xenia Road, Beavercreek, OH 45432
    Coffee Hub has served up coffee in the area since 2017, letting you order your brew inside, outside, to go, or through their app if you'd like to save some time. You'll find the shop near Beavercreek homes for sale, and it's known for crafting specialty espresso drinks as well as cold brew and drip coffee. If you're in the mood for tea, you can choose from homemade chai, hot, and iced options. And while you're at it, order a pastry – such as a huge cinnamon roll that takes up the entire plate – to accompany your espresso.

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Green County Fairs and Festivals - Wright-Patt Realty

Summer in Greene County is a wonderful time to explore local communities and enjoy some of the biggest local events of the year. From fantastic 4th of July celebrations to the legendary Greene County Fair and the flavorful Kickin' Chicken Wings Fest, there's truly something for every resident and visitor to enjoy.

Whether you're new to the area or a long-time resident, these events are the ideal chance to see what makes life in Greene County so special. Our REALTORS® are ready for summer fun, and we've got the details on three great events coming to Greene County this summer.

Family-Friendly Festivities Around Greene County

  • City of Beavercreek 4th of July Parade & Fireworks – Rotary Park, 2260 Dayton Xenia Road, Beavercreek | 6 - 10:30 p.m. July 4
    You won't have to travel far from Beavercreek homes for sale to enjoy a memorable, family-friendly 4th of July celebration. The City of Beavercreek 4th of July Parade & Fireworks bookend a full day of fun in the city. Start your evening by taking in the parade which starts at 6 p.m., featuring appearances from local non-profit organizations, businesses, clubs, and neighborhood groups. Once the parade is complete, head over to Rotary Park, where you'll find a full evening of family fun. The party at the park features live entertainment throughout the evening, great food, and a children's play area packed with entertaining activities. Close out the evening with a truly spectacular fireworks show at 10 p.m.—the perfect way to cap off a day of patriotic fun in Beavercreek.

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Beavercreek Area Bike Trails-Wright-Patt Realty

The pleasant weather of spring provides the perfect excuse to explore all of the outdoor attractions around the Beavercreek area, including the area's many parks, trails, and scenic spots. So why not explore on two wheels, and enjoy a great workout in the process?

May is National Bike Month, an annual event encouraging everyone to enjoy the fun and healthy lifestyle that comes with regular bike rides. Riding a bike is an excellent way for residents and visitors of all ages to explore all the natural beauty that the Beavercreek area has to offer, and you'll find no shortage of local trails where you can enjoy a ride.

Our REALTORS® have the details on some of the best trails in the Beavercreek area where you can celebrate National Bike Month this year.

Beavercreek Area Bike Trails

  1. Dayton-Kettering Connector – Riverscape MetroPark to Hempstead Station Road
    Travel through a number of scenic local communities, passing both Kettering homes for sale and Oakwood homes for sale, as you explore the Dayton-Kettering Connector Trail. Clocking in at 7.1 miles, the Dayton-Kettering Connector features sections of paved trails along with shared roadways. Part of the trail follows the same route as a local, historic rail line, which carried goods and people from nearby communities to Dayton. In addition to seeing the sights, this is a great trail if you like to use your bike to commute between local communities.

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Kettering Ohio Fraze Pavilion
The Fraze Pavilion at Lincoln Park in Kettering has been a popular outdoor entertainment destination for more than 25 years and remains one of the best places in Ohio to catch a concert. Since it opened its doors in 1991, Fraze Pavilion has attracted some of the biggest names in music to our corner of Ohio and been a place where emerging artists can introduce themselves to the community. Every summer at Fraze Pavilion features the "Summer's Best Music Under the Stars" concert series, which draws visitors from near and far for a busy schedule of great concerts. Our REALTORS® know Kettering, and we've got the inside scoop on everything you can expect at the Fraze Pavilion. 

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Best Cities Near Wright Pattern AFB
Are you relocating to Ohio to work and live near the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base?  Just east of Dayton, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is at the heart Greene County, surrounded by rolling countryside, big cities and picturesque small towns. Our REALTORS® have many years of experience when it comes to buying and selling homes in the region, and these are some of our favorite places to live near Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.

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Why So Many Make Kettering Ohio Their Home

Kettering, Ohio is a beautiful city located just south of Dayton with a large population, ample parks, and more than a few famous residents. The city of Kettering is considered a suburb of Dayton, but it's also a unique city in its own right. Kettering is known for its excellent school system, outdoor arts festivals and strong, steady economic performance. Recent years have also seen a number of big recreation improvements in Kettering, including a new indoor performance/sports venue, and a massive skate park built with the help of one of the city's most well-known residents.

Kettering, Ohio is a great place to call home, and the team at Wright-Patt Realty is excited to introduce you to our city.

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