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Dining Room Staging - Home Sellers - Wright-Patt Realty

The formal dining room might have been a must-have in the not-so-distant past, but it's rapidly losing its meaning in today's households. Maybe you never (or nearly never) use your dining room because you have a casual dining space in your kitchen or living room, yet you have the bones of a house with space devoted to a formal dining room. Don't be afraid to break with tradition and set that square footage to work for you. Here are our REALTORS® favorite ideas of what to do with your underutilized or empty dining room.

  • Try a Home Office
    Why work at the dining table when you can claim your unused dining room as your office. Whether your work from home, need a place to manage finances, or just need a quiet place for the weekend, this is a great spot to set up a desk and shelving, display the family activities calendar, and create storage for office files and mail. Most dining rooms don't have doors, but if you don't mind the idea, you can create a really nice open office or study.

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House Features - Sell a Home - Wright-Patt Realty

Current events and topics in the news have always influenced home trends and the desires of buyers. Thus, it's no surprise that COVID-19 is a topic that many clients are discussing with our REALTORS®. For sellers eager to sell their homes, highlighting the following features can help the home stand out and shine in the evolving real estate market. 

  • Home Offices are Back in Style
    The home office never really went away, but there was a period where it was more of a luxury than a need. That has changed significantly over the past few months as an increasing number of employers move employees to work remotely. It is expected that this is just the start of an emerging trend and a permanent shift toward a growing number of remote positions. As such, homes that can boast a quiet, comfortable, dedicated home office are top choices for buyers.

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Sell a Home - Closet Organization - Wright-Patt Realty

If you're selling your home in Beavercreek, accept the fact that the space is no longer your own. Potential buyers will be examining every nook and cranny, including closets. Will they like what they see?

According to a survey from the National Association of Home Builders, storage space is one of the top features buyers consider in making a decision to purchase. Stand out above other Beavercreek homes for sale with these helpful organization tips.

  • Do Some Ruthless Decluttering
    It's time to let go of all those things you've been holding on to "just in case." Organizing experts recommend a goal of reducing stored belongings by half. Anything that doesn't make the cut can be donated or sold for cash to boost your moving fund.

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Holiday Home Sale - Wright-Patt Realty

Does conventional wisdom about slow home sales during the winter holidays make you fearful of putting your house on the market? Over the 12-month period from September 2018 through August 2019, 20 percent of home sale closings occurred between December and February.

What the winter buyer pool lacks in quantity, it makes up for in motivation. Make the holidays merry and bright with these helpful tips for marketing Beavercreek homes for sale.

  1. Post Video Tours and High-Quality Photos
    When temperatures are low, people are less likely to spend a weekend touring homes and more likely to turn to online listings. An enticing video tour and beautiful photos designed to highlight your home's best features will create a desire to see it in person. It's generally worth the investment to hire a professional. If possible, use exterior photos taken in spring or summer.

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Millennial Buyers - Selling a Home - Wright-Patt Realty

If you're thinking about selling your home soon, you'll definitely want to keep the millennial homebuyer in mind. Although this generation wasn't a major player in the real estate market in past years, research shows that there's been an uptick in millennials buying their first homes. 

Our REALTORS® have recently helped many millennials find the perfect Beavercreek homes for sale. What we've noticed is that the features that are important to these homebuyers are different than what other generations were looking for. Before you make any changes or upgrades to your home, take a look at these five desirable features, and three you really should skip. 

  1. A Nice-Sized Yard
    If you're thinking about a home addition that creeps into yard space, you might want to reconsider. Surprisingly enough, the number one feature millennials want in a home is a nice-sized yard. Having enough room to add a garden and plenty of space for future kids to play were some of the reasons cited in research surveys. Millennials in general value the lifestyle that having outdoor space affords them. They also realize that you can always update the interior of a home, but you're stuck with your yard for life.

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Home Seller Anxiety - Wright-Patt Realty

For most people, their home is the biggest financial investment they will make in their lifetime, and the process of selling a home can seem daunting. Although many different factors may affect how smoothly a transaction goes, obsessing over the "what ifs" can lead to a lot of stress and sleepless nights.

Our REALTORS® help clients successfully buy and sell Beavercreek homes every day—their support and advice can help you stay composed and guide you through the process every step of the way. Check out these tips for staying calm, cool and collected during the selling process.

  • Get Your Facts from Real Estate Professionals
    When you're ready to put your house on the market, you may find that friends and family have lots of opinions and advice, which is often accompanied by horror stories about selling their homes. Listening to this "advice" can throw you into a spiral of uncertainty and angst. Don't let it. Discuss any questions or concerns you might have with your agent or broker. Doing so will help you understand how to properly value, market and show your home and provide valuable insight into how real estate negotiations and transactions work.

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