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Junk drawers can be frightening, but they don't have to be. Here's how you can keep them organized.

It's a bit of a paradox: You created that junk drawer so you'd have essential things close at hand and wouldn't have to rummage around for them. But now that drawer is such a horror of disorder and confusion that you're at the point of taking it out, dumping contents in the garbage, and starting all over. But wait! There is help, and we promise it won't take all day to sort out that drawer and get it shipshape.

Our REALTORS® are experts at advising you on how to buy or sell a home, but they're also tied into experts on furnishing and organizing homes to get maximum enjoyment from them. Do you need some advice on junk drawers or anything else to do with enjoying that dream home you chose from Beavercreek homes for sale? Let's start by reading these tips.

  1. Clear out the drawer.
    That's right. Everything should come out of the drawer and be distributed on the counter, island, or table. Sift through it. Be strong. If you haven't used an item in a long time, throw it away or move it to a more appropriate location. Your junk drawer should be for stuff you occasionally use, but that's perhaps too small to hang up or put on a shelf. It could be random thumbtacks and push pins, some toothpicks in an old mint candy can, scissors, Sharpies, several kinds of tape, and some cocktail napkins you're saving for the right occasion. On the other hand, you should think hard about putting that old U.S. Army P-38 can opener on your key chain while throwing away that collection of bread ties.

  2. Clean the drawer.
    Be sure to wipe out the drawer, making sure it's free of dust and crumbs. You might want to line the drawer with new liner paper.

  3. Acquire an organizer.
    Look into finding a metal mesh organizer with lots of bins. Bamboo organizers are nice also. Put pens in one bin, tubes and bottles of medicine in another, batteries in another, and rubber bands in yet another. Another bin might be the right receptacle for those extra keys you need but don't want to carry around. It might be best to put electronic items — chargers, plugs, and cords — in their own drawer. Be sure to take measurements before you buy an organizer.

    When you organize the organizer, put items you need or will use most in front and less essential items in the back. 

  4. Check items for expiration or non-functionality.
    Do all those pens still write? If they skip or make that empty Sharpie sound, toss 'em. Make sure medicines haven't reached their expiration date. Keep new batteries separate from those with a little bit of juice left in them.

  5. Don't clutter up your new organizer.
    Change your habits, and make sure your family does too. Keep the items in the junk drawer properly organized; take the time to move new items to their proper locations. Do not, by any means, start tossing random items into your organized bins.

  6. Clean out and reorganize your junk drawers occasionally.
    There's no reason you can't have more than one junk drawer. But do keep them all organized. To do so, you should go through them once or twice a year and winnow out the unneeded, expired, and superfluous. Give the drawer and organizer a wipe to make sure it's clean and debris-free.

Your real estate specialists at Wright-Patt Realty can put you in touch with every specialist you need, from decorators to designers to home organizers. Contact Wright-Patt Realty today.